Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My new brand is Peter and my slogan is I've Nothing To Loose. Because i don't have anything in the past, i don't have anything now but I'm going to achieve something in the future, i have to do my best to have something in the future, for don't letting the people who trust on me down, to stay alive and independent. I am not lazy anymore and I'll change my attitude to become a person with knowledge.

Should cellphone bring to school?

The answer is not, cellphones should not bring into class so as school. Because it will cause alot of problem in future. For the reason, student nowadays have cellphone with them, almost every one of them have 1. Even it gives alot of convenience in communication. In the mean time, it also causes alot of problem, problem as example are, sending text message during the class or exam, playing mini games, lost of phones being stolen and many more negative reason. So school should ban the use of cellphones in class.

Monday, June 15, 2009


In this world, one of the most valuable thing is relationship. People are meant to have relationship with other. At first, when we get to know a person more, we will be interested to get to know them more deeply. But things just won't be so perfect. Nightmare start approaching after married. After some fights, husband and wife start feeling not suitable for each other and they decide to divorce. Nowadays, divorce is very common. Me myself is also from a broken family. Since i was still small, my parent divorce in a peaceful way. All around this year, I felt nothing special. In my family, most of my joy comes from computer, friends and sports.

It was during my form 1 study, i just graduate from primary school and enter my secondary school, starting my high school life. I was lazy to do everything expect play.E Every morning, I arrive at school early in the morning and start my photocopy job, copying homework from friends. On that time i have no dreams, no motive, no meaning living in the world, and the worst, i felt home was not sweet at all. I was shy to let other people know i had a broken family and live very poor. I had to tell people my mum gone to other places work for the truth and i don't talk more, because if they keep asking, the question will bring out the answer that i hate to answer.

But after few years when i get to know more things in this world, I start think in a positive way. There is nothing I can do between them. Me and my sister live with my dad, my mum went to other places work and we go visit her on our school holidays. Divorce sound like a negative term, because it bring the meaning of separate for "I go my way, you go yours."

For my opinion, divorce was not as bad as most of the people out there think. Because of some reason I benefit from my parents' divorce. The first things that I gain is be independent, for some reason i noticed my friend around me during high school they all very rely on their parent. Some even don't know how to hold a broom. I felt pity for them, but at their opinion, they felt pity for me to have to sweep the floor myself.

Besides that, I don't realize the power of knowledge/ I've missed many important message during class during my high school life. But every time i saw my friend stay in a warm happy family and yet still keep complaining, i felt bad and envy. During my form 5, the year which i took my SPM, I've made a decision to finally open my brand new text book to have a look and study, and after that, unbelievably my result have a great step ahead.

I don't know what divorce can influence a people's life but, in my situation, it was not that bad at all. It is the matter of how you look at it, if you can think in a positive thinking divorce can turn up to be a motive to push you achieving something. Divorce had no right and wrong, if two people don like each other anymore, it is meaningless to keep staying together for some reason. so I suggest to all who are reading my blog, " Do what you felt happy without worrying other reason that hold you back, the important is being HAPPY".

Monday, June 8, 2009

My sunday trip

Before Sunday, i was invited by my senior(Sini) to a 1 day trip to visit some places in Malaysia, that is Melaka and Johor Bahru. Because we had to get going early in the morning, so we decided to stay overnight in one of my Seniors house, before that we go for movie on Saturday at Midvalley shopping mall, and have our dinner near the house of our senior which we'll spent the night there. After that, we going back to Sini house, and settle down. Suddenly one of us mentioned go for a midnight swim, and we all agreed. Quickly we change our cloth and rush to the swimming pool. while having fun chatting in the swimming pool, about 20minute, a guard came by and stop us and ask us to go back. We all felt so disappointed and uncomfortable with the attitude of the guard. After finish bath, we settle down and open a movie named Fury, we really enjoyed it allot. We chat for awhile after the movie.

The time we woke up is about 5am, and we just sleep around 2 till 3 hours only. On the Bus, we sang and play cards until we reach the first destination, our first destination was visiting the Brand, they sell some bird nest and Tongkat Ali. The bird nest was not bad, but we didn't buy anything from there. Next, we head for the Bee Museum. At there, we were shocked that there are so many kinds of bee for display. And there 6 kinds of honey for us to try. We tested every single kinds of honey there. All of us take picture together, all six have a great time there, me, Sini, Gold Fish, Simon, Jimmy, and Lina felt totally hunger after that. We have our lunch in a restaurant and take some picture with the wedding decoration.

Afterward, we go to a shop that sell all kinds of delicious dried food. We test all kinds of tids and bits there, and we brought some for our friends. There is a drink there that I very love, it taste like lemonade, but more delicious. I took 3 times from the promoter, a bit regret for not buying it. We took some picture with our double-Decker bus then head on to Batu Pahat. Along the way, we sing allot until fall asleep. After 2 hour, we arrive destination. Because our bus cannot fit in the small road, we have to walk into the temple. In the temple, many people come to pray and try to touch the fish for some reason, but i didn't touch it, cause too many people surrounding the pool. And i saw Sini cross the couple bridge with Simon holding her hand, unbelievable.

After that we head for the last temple not far from here around 30 minute. Took some picture there and quickly head home. On the way back to Petaling Jaya, we are trap in a traffic jam and cause us delay our dinner for 1 and a half hour. After that, we chat in bus and sing until we reach Taman Desa and jump of the bus. It was a fun trip and tired but Happy, we said good bye to them and walk home. On that day i knew few more friends, and because it was around 12am, so we decided to stay another night at Sini's house. We planed to sleep after bath but we end up chatting and help massaging each other. It was a wonderful trip and i hope we can have another trip soon.

How will people learn in future?

The information for today is countless. Every people have to improve the speed of their learning. but how? where? for the tradition ways, you can learn through book, school, read stuff and many others. But in this age, there is a greater teacher that can provide us information unlimited. That is through Internet, just with a click, everything that related will appear in front of you. Thus, there are many school, college, or university that let involve in E-learning. What is E-learning? its mean learn on the Internet. Which means you can do question or exercise in the net, it save more time and environment save. E-learning cut down the use of paper. In the future, E-learning will become very common and maybe student don't even have to go for school most of the time. Just by using the Internet, they can do all kinds of thing the importance, they can learn things around the world without limit.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Animal cruelty

There is only 2 kinds of living things in this world. which separates to plant and animal. plant is the living things that grow form the soil, they can grown whenever there is water, soil, sunlight and air. Plant provide life for most kinds of animal, also to human. Nowadays, some animals are feed by human and ready to feed to human. So in this case, some animal are boned to be slave. For example, farm chicken, cow and many other more.

Actually there is nothing wrong with human raising animal such as chicken, pig or other kinds of life stock for their meat. But after i saw an video from my teacher, is about animal cruelty, animal are tortured before they are slaved for their meat. Firstly, they are kept in cages since they were boned, in my opinion, this is wrong. This is against mother nature, even though they are going to be slave soon. But their habits are meant to live in the land, not in the dark dirty smelly old rusty cages. Most of them die without having a run in on the grass, some even don't have the chance to touch a plant.

On the other hand, the video also capture a sight which make me felt sick so much. That is some farmer torture their livestock without reason. i don't know why buy he really did it. the sight that i saw is a man carrying a steel stick wondering in the big cage with crowed turkey, The man actually smash the turkey with the heavy stick. for some reason, to make sure their work more smooth, easy for them to pick up later on. After the chicken is smashed, it is half dead half alive, slowly bleeding to dead in the cage, leaving the blood and feather behind after the farmer come to pick it up few hours later.

Speak from my mind, these problem can be handle more wisely, one of the easiest ways to prevent more animal cruelty is by cutting down the demand for meat. By cutting down the need for meat, farmer will decrease their produce of livestock. This will help less animal to be raise and be slaved. By the way, eating too much meat is not so good to our body too. So eating less meat can help both, the animal and our health. Most people suffering from high blood pressure
because of having too much meat. So it is also importance to control our meal.

Besides that, to solve the problem, government play an important rules. The food need to be Healthy before send out to the market. If the animal is tortured to death, this mean the meat might have unpleasant things on it, such as gun bullet, or many other tools that influence the quality of the meat. The government can make more rules for those cruel farmer such as sending people to certain farm for checking is the animal there healthy or is beaten to death with bacteria around the farm.

There are many kinds of way to prevent this kinds of cruelty happens. We have to stop this cruelty for the good of the next generation. To prevent kids from seeing this kind of cruelty because monkey see monkey do. If we do not take action to prevent it now, more problems will pop out in the future. An apple a day keep the doctor aways, that's why is so importance to get the problem done now.