Monday, June 15, 2009


In this world, one of the most valuable thing is relationship. People are meant to have relationship with other. At first, when we get to know a person more, we will be interested to get to know them more deeply. But things just won't be so perfect. Nightmare start approaching after married. After some fights, husband and wife start feeling not suitable for each other and they decide to divorce. Nowadays, divorce is very common. Me myself is also from a broken family. Since i was still small, my parent divorce in a peaceful way. All around this year, I felt nothing special. In my family, most of my joy comes from computer, friends and sports.

It was during my form 1 study, i just graduate from primary school and enter my secondary school, starting my high school life. I was lazy to do everything expect play.E Every morning, I arrive at school early in the morning and start my photocopy job, copying homework from friends. On that time i have no dreams, no motive, no meaning living in the world, and the worst, i felt home was not sweet at all. I was shy to let other people know i had a broken family and live very poor. I had to tell people my mum gone to other places work for the truth and i don't talk more, because if they keep asking, the question will bring out the answer that i hate to answer.

But after few years when i get to know more things in this world, I start think in a positive way. There is nothing I can do between them. Me and my sister live with my dad, my mum went to other places work and we go visit her on our school holidays. Divorce sound like a negative term, because it bring the meaning of separate for "I go my way, you go yours."

For my opinion, divorce was not as bad as most of the people out there think. Because of some reason I benefit from my parents' divorce. The first things that I gain is be independent, for some reason i noticed my friend around me during high school they all very rely on their parent. Some even don't know how to hold a broom. I felt pity for them, but at their opinion, they felt pity for me to have to sweep the floor myself.

Besides that, I don't realize the power of knowledge/ I've missed many important message during class during my high school life. But every time i saw my friend stay in a warm happy family and yet still keep complaining, i felt bad and envy. During my form 5, the year which i took my SPM, I've made a decision to finally open my brand new text book to have a look and study, and after that, unbelievably my result have a great step ahead.

I don't know what divorce can influence a people's life but, in my situation, it was not that bad at all. It is the matter of how you look at it, if you can think in a positive thinking divorce can turn up to be a motive to push you achieving something. Divorce had no right and wrong, if two people don like each other anymore, it is meaningless to keep staying together for some reason. so I suggest to all who are reading my blog, " Do what you felt happy without worrying other reason that hold you back, the important is being HAPPY".

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