Sunday, June 7, 2009

Animal cruelty

There is only 2 kinds of living things in this world. which separates to plant and animal. plant is the living things that grow form the soil, they can grown whenever there is water, soil, sunlight and air. Plant provide life for most kinds of animal, also to human. Nowadays, some animals are feed by human and ready to feed to human. So in this case, some animal are boned to be slave. For example, farm chicken, cow and many other more.

Actually there is nothing wrong with human raising animal such as chicken, pig or other kinds of life stock for their meat. But after i saw an video from my teacher, is about animal cruelty, animal are tortured before they are slaved for their meat. Firstly, they are kept in cages since they were boned, in my opinion, this is wrong. This is against mother nature, even though they are going to be slave soon. But their habits are meant to live in the land, not in the dark dirty smelly old rusty cages. Most of them die without having a run in on the grass, some even don't have the chance to touch a plant.

On the other hand, the video also capture a sight which make me felt sick so much. That is some farmer torture their livestock without reason. i don't know why buy he really did it. the sight that i saw is a man carrying a steel stick wondering in the big cage with crowed turkey, The man actually smash the turkey with the heavy stick. for some reason, to make sure their work more smooth, easy for them to pick up later on. After the chicken is smashed, it is half dead half alive, slowly bleeding to dead in the cage, leaving the blood and feather behind after the farmer come to pick it up few hours later.

Speak from my mind, these problem can be handle more wisely, one of the easiest ways to prevent more animal cruelty is by cutting down the demand for meat. By cutting down the need for meat, farmer will decrease their produce of livestock. This will help less animal to be raise and be slaved. By the way, eating too much meat is not so good to our body too. So eating less meat can help both, the animal and our health. Most people suffering from high blood pressure
because of having too much meat. So it is also importance to control our meal.

Besides that, to solve the problem, government play an important rules. The food need to be Healthy before send out to the market. If the animal is tortured to death, this mean the meat might have unpleasant things on it, such as gun bullet, or many other tools that influence the quality of the meat. The government can make more rules for those cruel farmer such as sending people to certain farm for checking is the animal there healthy or is beaten to death with bacteria around the farm.

There are many kinds of way to prevent this kinds of cruelty happens. We have to stop this cruelty for the good of the next generation. To prevent kids from seeing this kind of cruelty because monkey see monkey do. If we do not take action to prevent it now, more problems will pop out in the future. An apple a day keep the doctor aways, that's why is so importance to get the problem done now.


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