Monday, June 8, 2009

How will people learn in future?

The information for today is countless. Every people have to improve the speed of their learning. but how? where? for the tradition ways, you can learn through book, school, read stuff and many others. But in this age, there is a greater teacher that can provide us information unlimited. That is through Internet, just with a click, everything that related will appear in front of you. Thus, there are many school, college, or university that let involve in E-learning. What is E-learning? its mean learn on the Internet. Which means you can do question or exercise in the net, it save more time and environment save. E-learning cut down the use of paper. In the future, E-learning will become very common and maybe student don't even have to go for school most of the time. Just by using the Internet, they can do all kinds of thing the importance, they can learn things around the world without limit.

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