Monday, June 8, 2009

My sunday trip

Before Sunday, i was invited by my senior(Sini) to a 1 day trip to visit some places in Malaysia, that is Melaka and Johor Bahru. Because we had to get going early in the morning, so we decided to stay overnight in one of my Seniors house, before that we go for movie on Saturday at Midvalley shopping mall, and have our dinner near the house of our senior which we'll spent the night there. After that, we going back to Sini house, and settle down. Suddenly one of us mentioned go for a midnight swim, and we all agreed. Quickly we change our cloth and rush to the swimming pool. while having fun chatting in the swimming pool, about 20minute, a guard came by and stop us and ask us to go back. We all felt so disappointed and uncomfortable with the attitude of the guard. After finish bath, we settle down and open a movie named Fury, we really enjoyed it allot. We chat for awhile after the movie.

The time we woke up is about 5am, and we just sleep around 2 till 3 hours only. On the Bus, we sang and play cards until we reach the first destination, our first destination was visiting the Brand, they sell some bird nest and Tongkat Ali. The bird nest was not bad, but we didn't buy anything from there. Next, we head for the Bee Museum. At there, we were shocked that there are so many kinds of bee for display. And there 6 kinds of honey for us to try. We tested every single kinds of honey there. All of us take picture together, all six have a great time there, me, Sini, Gold Fish, Simon, Jimmy, and Lina felt totally hunger after that. We have our lunch in a restaurant and take some picture with the wedding decoration.

Afterward, we go to a shop that sell all kinds of delicious dried food. We test all kinds of tids and bits there, and we brought some for our friends. There is a drink there that I very love, it taste like lemonade, but more delicious. I took 3 times from the promoter, a bit regret for not buying it. We took some picture with our double-Decker bus then head on to Batu Pahat. Along the way, we sing allot until fall asleep. After 2 hour, we arrive destination. Because our bus cannot fit in the small road, we have to walk into the temple. In the temple, many people come to pray and try to touch the fish for some reason, but i didn't touch it, cause too many people surrounding the pool. And i saw Sini cross the couple bridge with Simon holding her hand, unbelievable.

After that we head for the last temple not far from here around 30 minute. Took some picture there and quickly head home. On the way back to Petaling Jaya, we are trap in a traffic jam and cause us delay our dinner for 1 and a half hour. After that, we chat in bus and sing until we reach Taman Desa and jump of the bus. It was a fun trip and tired but Happy, we said good bye to them and walk home. On that day i knew few more friends, and because it was around 12am, so we decided to stay another night at Sini's house. We planed to sleep after bath but we end up chatting and help massaging each other. It was a wonderful trip and i hope we can have another trip soon.

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